Little Martial Arts is the best pathway for young children to begin their martial arts journey. They are a perfect option for parents with toddlers / children who are interested in martial arts based skills programs.

Starting from the 2-3 year old “Dragons” group and going thorugh to the 5-6 year old “Warriors”, each group features activities tailored to each age group’s skill levels, with a major focus on the most important element of all for these age groups – FUN!

DRAGONS – Ages 2 & 3

The Kids Love IT! This is FUN.

Parents are on the floor with their kids guiding them through an exciting program of obstacles, martial arts skills and games. As many activities include your child moving the left and right side of their bodies in sequence (eg crawling, walking on low beams etc), these activities not only build coordination, they help with cerebral development, building neural connections between the left and right sides of the brain.

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NINJAS – Ages 4 & 5

Our Ninjas build their independence by participating without a parent on the floor, (Don’t worry, you’re still watching in the same room!)

Our Ninjas program is still based on FUN, continuing with lots of skill based games, but introduces much more emphasis on gaining quality martial arts skills. Our unique “Stop Bully” program, along with the Mind Focus, Team Building and Balance weeks, introduce the concepts that will help set your child for success.

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WARRIORS – Ages 5 & 6

The Warriors are our LittleMA ‘graduate program’. This is the one for the adventurous. A higher skill set to suit the average 6 year olds and the more “mature” confident 5 year olds. It expands the skills acquired in the Ninjas group and prepares our students for transition into our full Taekwondo program. 

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$65 starter fee that includes Uniform, belt, certificate and drink bottle (one off payment)
$16 per lesson. (one lesson per week)

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