Little Martial Arts is the best pathway for young children to begin their martial arts journey. They are a perfect option for parents with toddlers / children who are interested in martial arts based skills programs.

DRAGONS – Ages 2 & 3

The Kids Love IT! This is FUN.

Parents are on the floor with their kids guiding them through an exciting program of obstacles, martial arts skills and games.

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NINJAS – Ages 4 & 5

Done without a parent on the floor (still watching in the same room though)

Still loads FUN, lots of skill based games but much more emphasis on gaining quality martial arts skills.

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WARRIORS – Ages 5 & 6

This is the one for the adventurous. A higher skill set to suit the average 6 year olds and the more “mature” confident 5 year olds.

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Dragons 2 & 3 yo

Tuesday – 9:30 am

Friday – 9:30 am

Saturday – 9:30 am

Ninjas / Warriors 4 to 6 yo

Tuesday – 10:15 am

Friday – 10:15 am

Saturday – 9:15 am

Saturday – 10:10 am

Warriors 5 & 6 yo

Friday 4:30 pm

*Friday afternoon Warrior sessions are held in the main dojang in preparation for transition to the SES Taekwondo program.

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$65 starter fee that includes Uniform, belt, certificate and drink bottle (one off payment)
$16 per lesson. (one lesson per week)

Training Fees