Martial Arts and Fitness Berwick, Narre Warrenfor Kids, Teens And Adults

Team Martial Arts Victoria provides martial arts and fitness training, activities and instruction to the City of Casey, including Narre Warren, Berwick, Cranbourne, Lyndhurst, Hallam, Hampton Park, Endeavour Hills, Officer, Beaconsfield and Pakenham.

We offer varied taekwondo programs to suit everyone, starting with our Little Martial Arts Programs for toddlers through to 6 year olds, then via our premier Martial Arts program SES Taekwondo, aimed at kids aged 6 plus through to teens and adults.

Our Casey Fitness & Personal training programs provide a mix of options in both group and individual training for teens and adults. From bootcamp to boxercise, including mum & dad sessions you can bring the kids to, there’s something for all fitness levels.

Why Team Martial Arts Victoria?

Well, the benefits are extensive, and the fun family community is welcoming and encouraging for those who are committed to their Black Belt and fitness dreams.

Martial Arts And Black Belt Program Narre Warren, Cranbourne And Berwick



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Martial Arts Narre Warren and Berwick

SES Taekwondo

At SES Taekwondo we have classes from ages 6 right through to adults.  If you or your child are looking for a way to increase your fitness, learn something new and become a part of a welcoming community, then we challenge you to try our Taekwondo Martial Arts program.

At Team Martial Arts, we understand that the journey to a black belt is an important long-term goal that requires dedication.

We offer a guided program that ensures reaching this long-term goal achievable for you or your child. Our junior stripes program nurtures students and offers continual encouragement to maintain enthusiasm by rewarding progress between the achievement of belt levels.

We welcome new students and offer free trials for you to experience our Martial Arts because we know once you try it, you’ll agree it’s a fun way to increase fitness and learn valuable life skills.

Little Martial Arts Berwick, Narre Warren

With programs catering for kids aged 2-6 years of age, our Little Martial Arts classes are the new evolution in self-defense, designed specifically for kids to gain a fun, age appropriate entry to the world of Taekwondo.

Our unique programs give a great grounding in martial-arts fundamentals such as kicking, punching, footwork, self-defense, as well as developing motor skills, gaining confidence, learning about structure, and most importantly, THE KIDS LOVE IT!

Little Martial Arts for Narre Warren, Berwick

Casey Fitness & Personal Training – Boost Your Fitness!
Berwick, Narre Warren

Casey Fitness & Personal Training (CFPT) Narre Warren offers a wide range of activities to suit any fitness level and we pride our selves in ensuring that we tailor sessions to suit your needs. Whether that be weight loss, general fitness, taking your fitness to that next level or just being part of a social group….we can help you.

If you have never taken part in group fitness activities or sessions before then you are seriously missing out! Group classes such as boot camps and boxercise are fun, energetic and motivating. These sessions are EXTREMELY effective!

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