SES Taekwondo (Ages 6-12, Teens, Adults)

This is a premier black belt program designed to take members through the ranks all the way to black belt. You will need to make a commitment of trainining twice a week to acheive this.

We used to offer a “once a week” training option but to be honest, it caused more harm than good. Kids who train once a week get left behind as their friends grade to higher belts and most of those once a weekers become dispondent, feel like they’re not good at it (which is not true, they just need to come training more often), then they drop out shortly after. The worst part is that most of them will forever carry a negitive association when thinking about martial arts.

For those reasons we no longer offer a once a week option. It may mean less new members for us but we can can forever hold our heads high as a club knowing we’re doing the right thing by our members.

Little Martial Arts (Ages 2 – 6)